3 Simple Tips to Help Your Healthy Dog Maintain Its Healthy Weight During Lockdown

3 Simple Tips to Help Your Healthy Dog Maintain Its Healthy Weight During Lockdown

In a year where the importance of health has never been more topical.

Have you considered the physical health effects that 2020 has had on your dog? With us humans spending more time at home, our dogs have been spoilt with more cuddles, more walks, and probably more table scraps… right?

They love food, and we love them. It's only logical that spending more time with them at home may result in giving them more to snack on. However, it may come without consequence. Unfortunately, the accumulative effect of feeding a little more than you should each day leads to obesity in dogs, which can cause an array of health problems for them in the future. So, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you feed your dog healthy food and dog treats.

1. Less table scraps

Make a conscious effort to reduce the number of table scraps we are feeding our dogs. Table scraps can really add up, especially if there are a few family members secretly feeding your dog under the table.

2. Healthier treats

We recommend giving your dog healthy treats instead so that you know exactly what they are eating every day. Looking for low-fat and high-protein dog treats is great for dogs. Bell & Bone treats such as our Lamb, Coconut and Manuka Honey Freeze dried treats have only 35.4% fat and 56.3% protein so you can reward your pup constantly throughout the day, and not feel guilty about it!

3. Starch free foods

Find low-starch dog food and dog treats alternatives. When large amounts of starchy carbohydrates are included in a dog’s diet (most dry dog foods are 30-60% carbohydrate), this can lead to obesity and insulin resistance in dogs. Insulin resistance can lead to diabetes as well as increases the risk of developing thyroid disease and some forms of cancer. As insulin stores body fat, if your dog is eating a lot of carbohydrates, this can become fat which will become really hard to lose.

At Bell & Bone, we use healthier alternatives to incorporate starch into your dog’s diet. All of our products are grain-free, natural, and healthy.

Although a challenging time for all, I hope you’re enjoying the consequential benefit of more quality time to bond at home with your pup! While we are spending more time at home it’s a great time to learn new healthy tips and tricks for both you and your pup, so that we come out of isolation our healthiest self! Please reach out if you have any question <3