7 Reasons You Should Feed Your Dog Healthy Dog Treats

7 Reasons You Should Feed Your Dog Healthy Dog Treats

Why your dog should eat healthy treats

When it comes to food, our pups basically have a one-track mind. They love to eat, sometimes to the point where they'd be sick if we didn't implement some portion control. This is why, as responsible owners, we need to take charge and implement some boundaries to ensure our running, jumping fur babies don't turn into couch potatoes.

In general, dogs love to eat almost anything we know they'd never turn their nose up to some left-over pizza, but have you ever tried to feed them blueberries or carrots? They love the good stuff just as much! So why don't we feed our pups healthy food all the time? They don't get the 3 pm sugar cravings as we do, and they love a lean chicken breast as much as we love a not-so-lean chicken parma. So, we thought up the top 7 reasons you should feed your dog healthy dog treats. Let us know what you think!

1. Your dog wants to avoid the vet as much as your wallet does

Dogs view the vet in the same light as we view the dentist – a scary place where you're forced to sit whilst someone inspects you. Eeek! You walk out of there feeling poked and prodded, but you generally have a hefty bill to pay.

Did you know that, like humans, what dogs eat can directly impact how they feel, relating to the health and wellness of their insides? "You are what you eat" couldn't be more accurate – eating healthy food helps you remain healthy and away from the vet.

For example, turmeric can be found inside our superfood dog treats, and not only is it a healthy, natural, anti-inflammatory, but it also has strong cancer prevention properties. Ginger can also be found inside our healthy dog treats; supporting gut health and immunity is another great reason to eat good food and avoid the dentist… whoops, I mean vet.

2. Your dog values its fitness

Dogs love to keep fit and healthy. Keeping fit means being the best at fetch, the social butterfly at the dog park, and going for runs with their humans. But keeping fit not only means maintaining activity but also eating healthy, so they don't feel sluggish!

Like humans, eating healthy treats is a great way to put the right energy into their bodies so they can run and play. But if you feed them unhealthy treats with sugars, preservatives, and grains, it can cause them to crash on the couch, just like you and me.

Did you know that chia seeds can help boost your energy levels? This amazing superfood can be found in our healthy dog treats, helping your pup stay fit and healthy, catching that slobbery tennis ball every time.

3. Your dog loves its silky, smooth coat

There is nothing better than running your hands through your dog's soft, beautiful coat – am I right? But looking good on the outside begins with the inside… and that's all about the food you feed them.

Healthy food such as coconut contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep skin feeling soft and coats looking beautiful. But when you treat your dogs with food that is high in carbohydrates, sugar, or preservatives, this can often be seen and felt on their skin. Some dogs tend to become itchy when they eat poor-quality foods, encouraging them to scratch and feel discomfort. This is no way to live…

This is why our superfood dog treats are completely grain-free, human-grade, and 100% natural. The quality of ingredients is so important, and our superfood dog treats have no nasties inside, leaving your pups feeling good on the outside.

4. Dogs want to be treated guilt-free

You know the guilt you feel when you eat a few too many chocolates? I feel the same when I treat my dog with a few too many… wait for hold on; I only feed them healthy food. As we know, dogs love food; they could eat it all day! So, when you are treating your dog with healthy dog treats, there is no reason to feel guilty, right?

Obviously, we don't ever recommend that over-feed – 30% of Australian dogs are overweight or obese. But what we suggest is that you can feel good treating your dog if the treats are healthy. It's a win-win situation – you get to make them happy, and they get to eat more.

Not only our Superfood Dog Treats are full of natural, healthy ingredients, but they also come in bite-sized pieces, so you don't have to feel guilty giving your pup a few every day.

5. Your dog doesn't like the signs of aging

To a dog, getting older means slowing down… and we all know that the quickest dog gets the stick. So as owners, we should help keep them young, and what better way to do that than with healthy food? Did you know eating unprocessed foods and good quality, natural ingredients can actually keep you feeling younger for longer?

Let's compare a grain-free dog treat's nutrition with our superfood dog treats with a standard biscuit dog treat. We use flour from ingredients like flaxseed and chia, full of good fiber and omega-3, antioxidants, and zinc. However, other dog treats will use ingredients like wheat which has far less nutritional value and can cause allergies. Maintaining this diet for a long time can create digestive issues, skin issues and add unwanted years to our little zoomers.

We recommend reading the ingredients of your dog treats before you buy them. If you can't pronounce it, if it contains sugar or wheat or if it just doesn't seem healthy, we recommend finding a brand without the worry.

6. We asked, and they agreed, your dog doesn't want food you can't pronounce

Although we tend to treat our dogs like our children, we need to remember that they are actually animals. Back in the day, dogs would hunt for their food and eat it there and then. They didn't store it, keeping it "fresh" with chemicals and preservatives the way food is often made today.

But times have changed; we buy our dog's food and need to store it so that we don't have to hunt (or shop) every time they get hungry. Some brands preserve their food using natural methods, and others with a long ingredient list that we can't understand or pronounce.

We recommend reading the ingredient before you buy dog treats, and if you can't understand them, maybe it's better to think twice? Plenty of brands use healthy ingredients and are free from nasties… it's just about doing the research and getting it right for your healthy fur baby.

7. Your dog actually loves healthy treats

Your dog loves healthy treats, and your dog loves unhealthy treats… so with everything we know… Doesn't it just seem obvious!? Our superfood dog treats are full of delicious ingredients that we know your dog loves. We have tested the recipe on hundreds of dogs, and we have been given a strong two-paws up! We just know your dog will love all of our treats. Otherwise, we wouldn't be making them. So, make the switch today to healthy treats that your pup will love and lick you for.

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