You may have seen an elderly person having a hard time walking or a person in a wheelchair who cannot stand alone. What about dogs with conditions such as these? It's not often you see a dog in a wheelchair. Right? 

Dog Joint Inflammation

Joints have a thin layer of cartilage that covers the bones and a fluid that lubricates them. This enables the joint to glide smoothly when you move around without any friction or discomfort. However, dog joint inflammation happens when the cartilage within the joint goes through a change or is damaged. This causes the joint to become rough and soon will lead to inflammation given the continuous event of the bones rubbing against each other. If this continues, the joints will later become stiff and develop issues in making motion. 
This is important to note as such problems could start when our dogs’ overall health is not well taken care of, and especially when their joint health is not paid enough attention. 
As early as puppy age, dogs must have a strong set of bones and joints. Their body develops its reflexes and durability to different movements (from small to big) as they grow. On that note, their body must be getting the right amount of nutrients, sufficient to support the demands on their bones and joints' strength. 

What To Give Dogs for Joint Health 

But how do we take care of their joints? There are several ways to support the development of the puppies’ joints and improve those of the senior or the aging ones. However, since food is what we mostly have control of, here’s some help in finding out what food is ideal for your dog’s joint health. 
Knowing what could cause joint inflammation and other joint-related conditions (just like joint pain) is significant to better understand why such food ingredients are essential to your dogs' joint health.  


Gaining more weight than ideal for your dog's age, size, and breed could put pressure on his body to hold his weight. This triggers some friction on the joint area, which can soon totally damage it.  


Breeds who are big in nature are also prone to joint inflammation since their bodies are likely to have a hard time holding their entire body weight, too. They are often reported to have problems in their joints and knee areas.  


Just like with humans, our dogs' bodies degenerate too. As they age, their health becomes less perfect, and part of that imperfection is the weaker bones and stiff joints.


Food for Dog Joint Health 

Collagen is an excellent source of protein, omega-3 anti-inflammatory fatty acids, and glucosamine, a naturally occurring substance found in bones and bone marrow that helps build the connective tissues near the joint. 

Our Bell & Bone Collagen Sticks are a great source of Collagen enough to help maintain greater levels of collagen in your dog’s body to promote healthier joints and reduce the risk of joint and osteo diseases like arthritis. They are available in both puppy and adult sizes. 
Green Lipped Mussels is an excellent source of protein, omega-3 anti-inflammatory fatty acids, and glucosamine, a naturally occurring substance found in bones and bone marrow that helps build the connective tissues near the joint. 
Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids or essential fatty acids, which implies that they are not naturally produced by the body and must be supplied with anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and pain.
Our Bell & Bone Salmon, Mint, & Charcoal Dental Stick is packed with natural ingredients with Salmon, Mint, and Charcoal being the main ingredients. Salmon is a novel protein that is rich is Omega-3 fatty acids, B-vitamins, potassium, other vitamins. It helps with weight management and in reducing inflammation. 
Turmeric is also known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so aside from helping to improve the dog's mobility, it also helps aid any joint pain that a dog may have, in a natural way. 

Our Bell & Bone Kangaroo, Mint, & Turmeric Dental Stick is loaded with turmeric that is just right for your dog. Giving your dog this dental stick a day takes care not only his teeth but also helps in preventing inflammation and body pain. Kangaroo is also a good source of protein that could help in his weight management and in achieving stronger bones.
Superfood Treats are perfect for puppy training. Their sizes and softness are just suitable for rewards; they're sugar and gluten-free and made with only natural and healthy ingredients. They are available in three flavors which contain ingredients that are beneficial for your dog’s joints. Imagine them enjoying the good taste of treats while you both are having fun and taking care of their joint health at the same time. 
Celery is an ideal food to include on your dog’s diet when you are conscious about your dog’s joint health. It has low calorie content yet rich in anti-inflammatory, fiber, antioxidants and amino acids that help in eliminating the causes of the athritis. 
Ginger has excellent anti-inflammatory agents that help in managing joint problems. Bell & Bone Superfood Treat with Carob and Ginger may be a great option to increase your dog's ginger intake.   
Celery is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and anti-inflammatory nutrients that support good digestion and help aid arthritis and other body inflammations. It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, folate, vitamin A, K, and C.    
Coconut Oil contains lauric acid that serves as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which could help reduce joint inflammation, especially those linked to viral and bacterial infections. Coconut is also an excellent natural lubricant to joints and could act as a remedy for constipation. All Bell & Bone products contain a significant amount of coconut oil. We recommend giving your dog a handful of these each day.   
Blueberry is one of the fruits which are the richest antioxidants and does a great job in reducing inflammation and weight loss. It is rich in fiber and vitamin C to keep the connective tissues and bones healthy. 
Collagen Chews come in two flavors; Chicken and Blueberries and Beef and Manuka Honey. Made in a chewable stick form to help your dog ease his boredom and be occupied while his joint health is being taken care of. Click here to shop. 
Being a dedicated dog owner often involves asking the right questions, seeking the right advice, and, most importantly, checking in with your pup to make sure that it is healthy and happy.  We are in line with you on this, so if you have questions, you may head to our FAQs page for more answers to dog treat-related queries or send us a message, and I would love to chat with you. More than anything, it is my priority to keep you informed and empowered. 

March 09, 2022 — Novelyn Gracilla