Bell & Bone is different

A healthier ingredient list than any brand we've ever seen...

Made in Australia with meat first ingredient, grain and filler free, full of superfoods for oral care benefits

Developed with experts, using active ingredients

Containing Sodium Tripolyphosphate and Zinc Sulphate) to help prevent and reduce plaque and tartar

Low fat and low calories

We encourage you to read our amazing ingredients: healthy, low fat, low calories... so you can feel good about giving your dog each day

If youā€™re a pawrent like us, youā€™re probably constantly spoiling your dog. And what better way to make your pooch bark with joy, than spoiling them with the best dog treats made with high value ingredients!

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At Bell & Bone, we are here to empower, educate and support dog owners committed to raising healthy and happy pups. We are motivated by the health and wellness of our dogs. As they cannot speak for themselves, we as their owners are responsible for making decisions for them. And we love our dogs, so why not give them the best dog treats?

We are a brand with a purpose and integrity. Transparency is integral to our philosophy, as our healthy dog treats have been carefully crafted by clinical experts, and vet-approved with all-natural top-quality ingredients you can trust.


The ingredients in our healthy dog treats are all-natural and free from any sugar, grains, corn, rice, and fillers to improve your dog's gut health.

Additionally, in our Dental Sticks, the active ingredients present have been proven to fight both plaque and tartar.

Here at Bell & Bone, we offer two varieties of dog treats: Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats & Superfood Dog Treats for superb gut health.


We also offer many varieties of Dental Treats and Collagen Sticks which help support healthy joints and helps maintain greater levels of collagen as your dog grows older.

These healthy dog treats are packed with protein, fibre, and antioxidants that are beneficial for your dogā€™s gut health. Plus, 10c from each bag sold is donated to RSPCA Victoria.



Firstly, we are an Australian-based company so we know what Australian dog owners want. Our ingredients are locally sourced and our dog treats are made with care and raw nutrition.Ā 

Our treats were designed with your dogā€™s well-being at the forefront. They are made with all-natural ingredients! Our dog treats are Grain Free and Sugar-Free and contain no additional fillers.Ā  Additionally, our healthy dog treats like ourĀ Dental SticksĀ promote dental health and contain active ingredients that to help fight plaque and tartar.


Dog treats made with all-natural ingredients are the best treats to feed your dog. That is why at Bell & Bone our all-natural and vet-approved dog treats are carefully crafted by clinical experts to give your dog the best blend of all-natural, un-compromised, top-quality ingredients you can trust.

Our dog treats have been developed with your dogā€™s wellness as the top priority.

Ingredients are the strongest foundation for longevity and illness prevention. We choose nutritional value over empty carbohydrates and look for quality over convenience wherever possible.


Yes, we do! Bell & Bone cares deeply about customer satisfaction and we would love nothing more than to be able to build a long and lasting relationship with you. We know your dogs will love our dog treats which is why we are offeringĀ $5 samplesĀ for owners to try. Use code FREESHIPPING to try our treats with zero shipping costs.Ā 

Additionally, we also offer free shipping on all orders over $60!

We are also willing to give you 10% OFF when you sign up for our newsletter!


Bell & Bone vs. the Competition

Bell & Bone
Healthy Ingredients
Low Fat/Calories
Australian Made
Donate to local community
Active Ingredients
Made in Melbourne
Donations to RSPCA
Fillers, meat-free, high salt, preservatives
Higher in fat and calories
Made overseas
No local community contribution
Why we're better

Why We're Better

Dog Dental Sticks that help your dog and all animals.
Your purchase helps the RSPCA end animal cruelty.

A note from our founder, Arianne:

With the help of my dog Louie, launched my business, Bell & Bone in Melbourne in September 2018 with one goal: to improve the health of our pets through food.

Thank you to this wonderful community for being on this journey with me. Together, we can make the difference we want to see.

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Not so fun fact :(

By age 3, 80% of dogs will experience gum or dental disease. Bell & Bone vows to change that statistic with our range of dog dental treats.Ā 

All Bell & Bone ourĀ Dental Sticks contain active ingredients to help prevent and reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar on your dogā€™s teeth. A daily dental stick for your small or large dog will improve their oral hygiene, freshen their breath and help prevent gum or dental disease.

Our Dental Sticks are grain-free, made in Melbourne, Australian-owned, natural and healthy. They are full of superfoods like chia, activated charcoal, seaweed, turmeric, parsley and coconutā€¦ making these the healthiest and best-performing dental sticks weā€™ve ever seen!