Our friends at PetCulture recently shared this amazing blog and we thought it was too good not to share! If you are looking for the best dog dental treats and chews, check out the guest blog below!

It's no secret that our furry friends need dental care just like we do. And when it comes to taking care of your dog's teeth, there are a lot of options out there. But with so many different brands and types of dental chews and treats for your dog available, how do you know which one is right for your pup?

To help make the decision easier, PetCulture got together some of our trusted experts and advisory board members – to pick the best dental treats and chews for your doggo and their pearly whites. Whether you're looking for something to help with tartar control, gum health or just general oral hygiene, we've got you covered.

Here are the best dental chews and treats for dogs in Australia, according to our experts.

The Very Best Dental Treats And Chews

Greenies Original Dental Dog Treats

Greenies Original Teenie Dental Dog Treats.png

Recommendation by advisory board member and human-animal Bond Expert Dr Michael Archinal.

80% of dogs over the age of 3 years have some form of dental disease. Greenies are scientifically proven to help reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar in your dog’s mouth and maintain a healthy mouth and fresh breath. I give them to my dogs on a daily basis.


  • Has the VOHC seal (Veterinary Oral Health Council). This means it has proven scientific benefits.
  • Biometrically designed to be chewed on the region of the mouth that needs the most attention. Sizes are matched to the size of your dog.
  • Cannot get stuck in the stomach or intestines if swallowed, as will dissolve quickly
Key Ingredients  Wheat flour, wheat gluten, glycerin, gelatin, oat fibre, water, lecithin, natural poultry flavour, minerals, vitamins
Life Stage Adult
Breed Size All
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Best Natural Dental Treat

WAG Kangaroo Tendons Occupy Dog Treats

WAG Kangaroo Tendons Occupy Dog Treats.png

Recommendation by VetChat founder & CEO Dr Claire Jenkins.

A dog treat that I recommend to encourage chewing and support a healthy mouth is a kangaroo tendon. This is a softer chew giving a reduced risk of tooth fracture when compared to harder chews such as bones and antlers. Most importantly, my dog Rex loves them! 


  • Rex gives the tick of approval!
  • Chewing time helps the mouth and entertains
  • Less likely to fracture teeth compared to harder chews
Key ingredients 100% Kangaroo Tendon
Life stage Adult
Breed size All breeds

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Best Dental Bone

Ziwi Peak Shank Oral Deer Dog Chews


Recommendation by PetCulture Category Manager, Elissia Beard

Made to Ziwi's high standards, Ziwi Peak Shank Oral Half Deer Dog Chews are natural, long lasting and healthy. Made with venison shank bone of grass-fed New Zealand deer, this oral dental chew is a pawsome way to keep your dog occupied – while staying on top of their dental health. It's made with venison shank bone, wrapped in beef oesophagus and gently dried – even the pickiest of chewers will find it hard to resist the taste!

Made with all natural, ethically sourced venison from the free-range farms of New Zealand’s South Island, Ziwi Half Deer Shank Oral Chews are a long-lasting and healthy treat that tantalises your dog’s taste buds while helping to scrub and clean their teeth as they chew.


  • It's made entirely of natural ingredients
  • Air-dried to lock in the flavours and nutrients
  • No added preservatives or flavours 
Key ingredients Venison Shank Bone, Beef Esophagus
Life stage  Adult
Breed size All

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Best Grain Free Dental Dog Treat

Bell & Bone Grain Free Dental Kangaroo Mint and Turmeric Treats


Recommendation by PetCulture Content Manager, Julia Kim

I have a greyhound, Pepper, who loves these Bell & Bone dental treats! Greyhounds are renowned for their bad teeth, but I found that her overall dental health has improved after I started to give her these Bell & Bone dental chews to her.

I either put it in her ProCare Dumbell Dental Dog Toy or break them up and carry it with me – and it’s nice to know that she feels like getting a treat whilst getting her teeth cleaned at the same time. The minty flavour leaves Pepper’s breath smelling fresh which is a total plus!


  • Aussie-made
  • Removes plaque and tartar from the teeth
  • It’s a 100% natural without any grains or fillers


Key ingredients Kangaroo, Tapioca, Sweet Potato, Vegetable Binder, Coconut, Mint (4%), Guar Gum, Turmeric, Chia, Parsley, Vegetable Protein
Life stage Adult
Breed size Medium - Large

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Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dog Vanilla Mint Dental Stick


Recommendation by PetCulture Campaign Manager, Victoria Nguyen

My poodle Suki loves these grain-free and gluten-free dental sticks! One thing I’ve noticed about the Tropiclean Fresh Breath Dog Vanilla Mint Dental Stick is that it’s chewy and comes in a great size and T-shape – this helps get between the trickiest parts of her teeth.

She also loves the vanilla mint taste which I catch her drooling for. Perfect for daily maintenance, these highly digestible, teeth cleaning chews will help brush away plaque and tartar and freshen her breath.


  • Great for daily dental maintenance
  • Suki loves the taste
  • Love the unique T-shape and chewy texture
Key ingredients Potato Flour, Glycerin, Natural Chicken Flavor, Pea Protein, Canola Oil, Powdered Cellulose, Coconut Oil, Dried Cultured Skim Milk
Life stage Adult
Breed size Small - medium

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Best Plant-Based Dog Dental Treats 

VeggieDent FR3SH Dental Chews Dog Treats

VeggieDent fr3Sh treats.webp

Recommendation by PetCulture Content Manager, Julia Kim

Completely 100% plant based and perfect for dogs with protein allergies, the VeggieDent Fre3sh Dental Chews is a top pick when it comes to dental chews for my greyhound Pepper.

These dental chews have a great taste that’s low calorie, gluten free and digestible – perfect for my senior greyhound. I love the unique shape of the design that helps get all the hard-to-reach areas of her mouth – leaving Pepper’s breath smelling fresh and clean. If your dog is a picky eater and is on a low protein diet, this teeth cleaning chew might be the one for you.


  • Low calorie product, gluten-free and easily digestible
  • 100% plant based & great for dogs with protein allergies
  • Helps control both plaque and tartar.
Key ingredients Corn starch, glycerine, soya protein concentrate, rice flour, beer yeast, sorbitol, corn cobs, pomegranate concentrate
Life stage Adult
Breed size All

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Whimzees Alligator Value Bag Dental Dog Treat


Recommendation by PetCulture Content Manager, Julia Kim

I’m always on the hunt for treats and dog food that’s not too high in protein for my greyhound Pepper, yet good for her teeth as that’s what our vet recommended for her diet. 

Enter Whimzees Alligator Value Bag Dental Treats. These dental chews are plant-based, vegetarian, grain-free and gluten free. Great for minimising bacteria and freshening her breath at the same time – what more can I ask for? They have different shapes and creative designs (like an alligator, hedgehog and stix) which keeps things fun and groovy (literally!) – as the grooves on these dental chews reach the smaller spaces between dog's teeth clean!


  • There are bumps on the back which help in scraping away plaque and tartar
  • No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives
Key ingredients Potato starch, glycerin, powdered cellulose, lecithin, malt extract, yeast
Life stage Adult
Breed size All

Buy now for Small dogs up to 7-12kgs
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All-Time-Fave Dental Chews

Dentalife Dog Dental Chews

Dentalife Large Dog Dental Chews.png

Recommendation by our resident Veterinarian and writer Heather Lance.

Purina Dentalife Oral Chews are a favourite of my dog, Pickle. The Veterinary Oral Health Council seal of approval gives me confidence to recommend these treats. Pickle really enjoys them, and he really has to chew them, which is great for his dental health. These are also a cost effective option for large dogs.


  • Pickle enjoys them – good palatability
  • Proven clinical benefit
  • Take a while to chews
Key ingredients Rice, Wheat Flour, Glycerin, Malted Barley Flour, Chicken By-Product Meal
Life stage Adult
Breed size All

Buy now for Petite dogs up to 9kg
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Pedigree Dentastix Dog Dental Treats

Pedigree Dentastix Large Dog Daily Oral Care Dental Treats.png

Recommendation by PetCulture Content Manager, Scott Mullins

My dog, Indie, loves these dental chews, and she gets excited at the mere rustle of the package. We were recommended these by our local vet – one dental stick a day – and her teeth look better now than they ever did before.

While they can cost a little more than some of the other brands mentioned on this list, I’ve found something that works and that Indie enjoys chewing on, that’s why it’s my dental treat of choice.


  • Soft texture is gentle on teeth
  • Flavour is loved by Indie
  • Not too strong smell (for us humans)
  • Pedigree have a range for different dog breeds, sizes and ages


Key ingredients Cereal, starch, humectant, cereal protein, vegetable gum, minerals, meat and meat by-products
Life stage Adult
Breed size All

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When it comes to choosing the best dental chews for your dog, it’s key to consider your dog’s individual needs. If your dog has sensitive teeth, you’ll want to avoid the harder dental chews. If your dog is a picky eater, opt for a dental chew jam-packed with flavour. And if your dog is on a low-protein diet, you might choose one that's made with plant-based ingredients.

September 07, 2022 — Sarah Mayberry