Puppy Chews

Why Puppy Dental Chews?

Encouraging chewing behaviour & a healthy dental care routine

Releasing tension, encouraging concentration and enrichment and developing chewing skills

Healthy, natural & active ingredients

Developed with experts to include actives to reduce bacteria build-up


Puppy or Adult

Loose teeth
Up to 6 months
Softer chew
From 6 months
Chewier more abrasive


Why should I give my puppy dental chews?

Giving your puppy Bell & Bone Puppy Dental chews from as young as 10 weeks old is one of the best ways to help prevent dental disease in adult age.

Bell & Bone Puppy Dental chews will help promote healthy chewing habits releasing tension and providing enrichment. It is important to get into these habits at a young age to encourage them to want dental sticks as they grow up providing them with the abrasion that they need to prevent dental disease.

Bell & Bone Puppy Dental chews also contain active ingredients to help prevent and reduce plaque and tartar. Although puppy teeth will fall out, bacteria can still build up in their mouth and our active ingredients will help prevent and reduce this.

What is the difference between small puppy and big puppy chews?

Our Small Puppy Dental Chews are perfect for brand new puppies 10-14 weeks old. They are also right for smaller to medium-breed dogs.

Our Big Puppy Dental Chews are perfect for puppies a little bit older, from 14 weeks and for medium to large breed dogs.

If you need any help choosing, go to our contact us page and we can give you some tips!

How often should I give my puppy a dental chew?

Just like us, puppies and dogs need daily dental care. Could you imagine only brushing your teeth a few times a week... gross, right?

We recommend giving your puppy a dental chew every day to help avoid dental disease in their adult years.

Will my puppy like the taste?

It is really important to start your puppy off with healthy food, chews and treats. Creating healthy habits from a young age is vital to their future.

Reading the ingredient list and making a logical decision about whether the ingredients sound healthy or not is the best thing you can do for them.

If you start your puppy off with a healthy diet, they will learn to expect to be given healthy food... and the same goes if you give them processed foods (like kibble) or unhealthly chews and treats that are high in salts and other palatants.

In saying this, if your puppy doesnt like the taste of our dental chews, try adding something to the grooves that they love such as peanut butter, coconut oil or greek yoghurt.

Loved By Our Puppy Community

Vet Endorsed By Dr. Kelly Halls - Bentons Rd. Vet

"Getting your puppy into a daily dental health care routine is so important.

Feeding Bell & Bone Puppy Dental Chews is a great way to get them to develop good chewing habits, and the actives in them will help them to prevent bad bacteria and plaque from developing in their mouths."

We donate 10c from every purchase to RSPCA Victoria
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A note from our founder, Arianne

Bell & Bone represents the change I want to make in this world. I want to help give dogs a healthier and happier life through food and I am fortunate to have this business that allows me to do so.

By working with experts to create wonderful products and through our partnership with RSPCA Victoria, I know that each day I am closer to my goal of changing the future of so many dogs' lives.