80% of dogs have dental disease by age 3

Bell & Bone is here to support you in finding the right products to help avoid this preventable, yet serious disease.

Endorsed by Dr. Kelly Halls, Bentons Rd. Vet

Vet Endorsed

"To improve dental health, we want to provide mechanical cleaning of the teeth through gentle abrasion. We want safe and natural ingredients, like those found in Bell & Bone.

Bell & Bone choose active ingredients in their dental sticks that have been clinically proven to be safe and effective in reducing plaque and bad bacteria." - Dr. Kelly Halls.

A note from our founder, Arianne:

Bell & Bone represents the change I want to make in this world. I want to help give dogs a healthier and happier life through food and I am fortunate to have this business that allows me to do so.

By working with experts to create wonderful products and through our partnership with RSPCA Victoria, I know that each day I am closer to my goal of changing the future of so many dogs' lives.

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We donate 10c from every purchase to RSPCA Victoria
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