There is nothing quite like the feeling of walking through the front door at the end of a hard day and being greeted by your overly excited pup performing tricks, flips and crazy zooms for you. But did you know that an overly excited dog could be an indication that your pup is experiencing a bout of boredom?

When our fur babies are left alone for long periods of time or miss a few walks due to busy schedules, they’ll often act out and misbehave out of boredom.

It is so important to nourish your dog with physical activities like exercise, training and interactive toys but you also need to keep them mentally occupied to keep them busy and entertained while left alone. We have compiled a list of the best Boredom Buster Toys and games for your dog.

Signs Of Boredom In Dogs

dog bored on couch

If most dogs have their way, life would be one long visit to the dog park. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that, and most dog owners work long hours. There are some common signs to look out for that indicate your dog might be bored like chewing, barking and digging but did you know that there are other surprising signs that your pup may be bored? Here are a few examples that might explain some behaviours you are experiencing and a list of the best dog toys for boredom.

Over Excitement

It is common for your pup to be excited to see you, but if his greeting is over the top, this could mean he’s bored at home when you’re not around.

Excessive Licking

Is your pup constantly licking himself or you? He may not be cleaning himself or being affectionate. In some cases, excessive licking can indicate boredom.


Do you ever get that fidgety feeling and start pacing your environment? Yes, it’s the same for dogs and a dog with extra energy might pace the room, fence or halls.

Scratching without physical explanation

Scratching, biting or chewing can be a sign of boredom in dogs. If you find your pooch engaging in these behaviours after ruling out allergies, boredom might be the culprit.

Boredom Busters For Dogs

Keeping your dog healthy and engaged to avoid boredom-related behaviours is simply letting your dog channel his energy into healthier outlets being either physical or mentally stimulated. Below are a few examples of the best boredom busters for dogs:

  • Puzzle Toys
  • Interactive and Chew Toys
  • Body and Mind Exercise

Best Dog Toys For Boredom

dog running with toy

Below we have compiled a list of our favourite toys for bored dogs, helping them to stay engaged, healthy and most importantly, out of mischief:

Barkolino Snuffle Feeding Mat
A snuffle mat would have to be one of the best dog toys for boredom. It is like a puzzle or scent game, where you ‘hide-and-treat’ your dog, by planting their favourite treats and snacks amongst the mat’s layers of soft fabric.
Dogs of all shapes and sizes are put to work, both mentally and physically as they use their sense of smell and problem-solving skills to sniff and snuffle for their hidden reward.

Tip - Our Salmon and Lamb Freeze Dried Raw Treats are the perfect size to hide in a Barkolino Snuffle Mat!

Gummi Pets Tennis Balls
Another great boredom buster for dogs is the old-school game of fetch and Gummi Pets Tennis Balls are not only a bright and fun colour pallet, perfectly fit for the park, but they are durable making them perfect for hours of play.

Promoting positive reinforcement training is a great form of enrichment. Try rewarding your pup with a Bell & Bone treat when they bring the ball back!


A Lickimat is mat that allows you to spread out or press your dog’s favourite treats onto the mat’s surface encouraging them to lick the food off. They are fantastic toys for bored dogs as they promote licking which in turn makes your pup produce saliva helping to protect their teeth and gums, and reducing anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviour.

Our absolute favourite combination is crushing up our Freeze Dried Raw Treats and combining them with Doggylicious Calming Doggy Butter which is made using a specific roast, ground to doggy texture perfection, 100% natural and contains L-theanine which has been shown to have a calming effect in dogs.

bell and bone freeze dried raw treats


Best Dog Games For Boredom

dog walking on lead

Bell & Bone Treasure Hunt
Another fantastic way to excite and mentally stimulate your pooch, keeping them occupied for an extended period is a Treasure Hunt! Try cutting up our Dental Sticks into bite-size pieces and hiding them in different spots around the house or backyard.

Body and Mind Exercise
Walking our dogs regularly not only keeps them happy and healthy but a simple walk is doing wonders for your pup’s mental stimulation and is one of the best boredom busters for dogs. Allow your pup to sniff their surroundings and if dog friendly, let them interact with other pooches.
Make sure you mix it up with different toys and games to keep their mind working!

Being a dedicated dog owner often involves:


  • Asking the right questions.
  • Seeking the right advice, and, most importantly,
  • Checking in with your pup to make sure that it's healthy and happy.


We are in line with you on this, so if you have questions, you may head to our FAQs page for more answers to dog treat-related queries or send us a message, and I would love to chat with you. More than anything, it is my priority to keep you informed and empowered. 

Love Arianne

August 01, 2022 — Sarah Mayberry