Human Grade: A Grade For Dogs

Would you eat a sandwich with a slice of moldy (and not in a good way) cheese?

When reading a dog food packet, the first five ingredients generally make up 80% of the product, but that doesn’t mean the remaining 20% doesn’t matter. Any attentive dog owner wants to make sure the first few listed aren’t fillers, and the remaining don’t require a Google search to understand. Just like we want each layer of our sandwich to be made with the best ingredients, our fur babies deserve the same.

Labels list which ingredients are used, but don’t always indicate their quality. Human grade simply means the ingredients are suitable for human consumption. This doesn’t always mean they are superior – cereals and chocolate are human grade, but not the better choice for your dog. But it does mean that when the human grade label is attached, you can be confident it’s made from humble, quality food sources you can trust.

What we seek out in our own wholesome lifestyle is not so dissimilar to what our pets need, too. We’re not saying you should put dog treats in your lunchbox, we’re just saying that when it’s human grade, you could!

So, how to choose their doggy dinner?

Ingredient Importance

With nutrition in mind, the ingredients should read more like a shopping list than a science experiment. We recommend looking for ingredients that we would eat for our own nutrition. They should be carefully selected, natural, and known to be good for you.

At Bell and Bone, every ingredient is researched for its functionality and has been carefully selected to provide real benefit to your dog. The combined efforts of a nutritionist, food technologist, and dog expert have resulted in human grade formulations, supported by their love for dogs.

Click on the below - to see some of our favourite superfood ingredients:


Chia seeds have a long list of health benefits such as omega-3, zinc, fibre, antioxidants, magnesium, and calcium…
the list goes on.


Carrots support digestive and gut health and are for dogs’ eyesight.


Eggs are filled with vitamins and nutrients like protein and Vitamin D which are critical for bone health and immune function


Coconut oil is contains such benefits as digestion improvement and immune system support.

Bell and Bone Superfood Treats…

Any of our ingredients would fit with a health-conscious kitchen or in your favourite health food store, which is the reason you can find them in our superfood dog treats.

Feeding your pup food that is healthy for them, as well as delicious, is a way to show them how much you care. Seeking human grade ingredients should be combined with careful attention to the label and make sure to choose brands you trust.

At Bell and Bone, we offer superfood dog treats and food formulations created with meticulous attention to quality and with efficacy and delicious taste in mind. Only the best will do for our best friends!

Do you have a favourite healthy ingredient that you want to see in our superfood dog treats? Feel free to let us know on our Contact Us page. We love our customers’ suggestions.

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Our superfood dog treats will keep your pup looking healthy and more importantly feeling happy – whether its walk time or not!

April 01, 2020 — Arianne Sackville