80% of dogs will experience dental disease

Bell & Bone puppy dental chews are healthy, nutritious, and the perfect solution for teething puppies. Enjoy this special time with your pup, they grow up so fast! The first few months of a puppies development is critically important for any happy human-dog relationship. Puppy dental sticks are a great way to encourage positive reinforcement training, develop good chewing habits, enrichment and are soft and chewy for your puppies teeth.

Getting a new puppy or dog can come with moments of confusion. When it comes to mealtimes, there’s no rule book for what to feed your pup and what to avoid. We've answered all your burning questions in the FAQ below to help ease the journey of puppy dental health, teething, and treat time.

When looking closer at brands promoting products for balanced diets, we found it so hard to find ones we could actually trust that would be good for our furry best friends. We are dedicated to providing your furry friend with the best puppy dental sticks on the market. Our sticks are made with high-quality, grain-free ingredients and are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. We understand that each puppy is unique and has their own preferences, which is why we offer different flavours and options for every pup to enjoy.



The best dental sticks for puppies should be healthy, soft and delicious so that your puppy loves the experience of chewing, as well as eating something healthy at the same time. As puppy dental sticks are often given regularly and in addition to a complete diet, we want to ensure that each bite will benefit your pup's health, not detract. Make sure the best healthy dental sticks for puppies are soft for small teeth, grain and filler free, include some superfood ingredients like coconut oil for example and come from a source that you trust. Bell & Bone's Puppy Dental Chews tick all of these boxes, making them the best dental sticks for puppies.


We highly recommend giving your puppy treats for training as it promotes positive reinforcement behaviour – where your puppy will associate good behaviour with a reward and love being a good dog for you, rather than seeing it as a chore. The best puppy training treats are typically healthy, natural, bite size, grain and filler free and a high-value puppy training treat. Bell & Bone Superfood Dog Treats and Bell & Bone Freeze Dried Training and Reward Treats tick all of these boxes making them the best puppy treats for training.


Yes you can give puppies treats daily.

We recommend including treats in your puppy’s daily diet… however with conditions. When you get a new puppy, it’s really important to get to know them and manage their diet based on their unique characteristics and lifestyle. For example, are they active or lazy? Do they have a slim or bigger build? Are they motivated by food? And so on…

As long as your dog is getting enough exercise, you’re only using treats for special occasions and you’re not over-feeding them during meal - and other - times… then healthy, natural, nutrient-rich treats are a perfect addition to your pup’s day.

Our training treats are bite-sized healthy puppy treats packed with natural and nutritious ingredients that help in maintaining their mobility, taking care of their coat, and keeping their stomach healthy. We also have Collagen Sticks which are puppy chew treats that can be given to dogs from 10 weeks of age. They are enriched with Collagen that helps improve the puppy’s digestion, joint, skin, coat, nails and teeth, setting them up for a healthy bright start to their life. (Can be also used as good puppy teething treats.)


There is no answer fits all for how many treats can a puppy have – each puppy is different and has different needs. For example, some puppies exercise more, are a slimmer build and have a faster metabolism, and some are quite the opposite. We recommend treating your puppy every day as it a great way to build a bond and use high-value treats as positive reinforcement for their training and development. In saying that, if you are treating your puppy daily then remember to ration treats to a degree to help maintain a healthy weight and diet.


Puppy treats for training should not cause diarrhea as they should be healthy, full of nutrition and contain only ingredients that your puppy will agree with. Training treats for puppies can vary in quality so it’s always important to read the ingredients and about the company you are choosing the dog treats for training puppies with. With all new foods for puppies, we recommend trialling slowly with 1 or 2 training treats for puppies to see how they react before giving more. Best puppy training treats should however not cause tummy aches or diarrhea. We recommend hypoallergenic, easier-to-digest puppy training treats if you are seeing signs of a tummy ache such as Bell & Bone Superfood Dog Treats or the hypoallergenic, Bell & Bone Freeze Dried Training and Reward Treats – Salmon, Carrot and Flaxseed.


Yes! Bell & Bone collagen sticks are safe for puppies from 12 weeks of age. Not only are you supporting their health, but are the perfect collagen sticks for puppies as they help entertain your puppy and assist with reducing stress and anxiety.


It is common for puppies to react to different kinds of new foods. Unlike us, puppies can’t distinguish between what makes them feel well and what doesn’t, so it’s our job to figure it out for them.

If they have a sensitive stomach as a puppy, it is really important to watch them and take note of what you feed them and how they are reacting to that specific protein. If you can’t tell just from watching, I would try these treats:

Carob and Ginger Superfood Dog Treats for happy bellies: https://bellandbone.com.au/collections/superfood-range/products/superfood-dog-treats-carob-ginger

We love these treats for sensitive puppy tummies as carob is high in fibre to assist with digestion and ginger is a great anti-inflammatory assisting with nausea and bloat. They are light on tummies and include other incredible ingredients like coconut, chia seed, flaxseed and carrots.

Salmon, Carrot and Kale Freeze Dried Dog Treats: https://bellandbone.com.au/collections/freeze-dried-range/products/salmon-with-carrot-and-kale

Salmon is an easily digestible, hypoallergenic meat for dogs. I have found this to be a great option for puppies due to its higher fat content as well. Carrots also assist with digestion and are great for puppies.


The list of food that dogs can’t eat often feels longer than the list of food dogs can eat. But as long as you are aware of the list, it really isn’t that hard to follow.

The absolute, definite no-nos include:




Onions (and garlic unless it’s been specifically treated).

There is also a list of foods that pet owners are recommended to steer clear from. These include:

Heavy starch (or grain/fillers): including wheat, corn, soy, cereal, white potatoes. I recommend keeping oat, rice, chickpea and lentil intake low although they may be found in some cheaper treats and kibble

Fats, not from animals or seeds: including cheese, avocado and almonds for example. I would also keep peanut butter low although dogs do love it.

Sugar and salt… well that’s just a no-brainer! Sugars, both white and brown, should be avoided at all costs. Limit fruits with high sugar content like stone fruits too.

Liver treats: if your dog is on a complete diet, they should be receiving the right amount of liver daily. Overfeeding liver to your dog can be poisonous and cause detrimental effects on their health and wellbeing.

Table scraps: training your dog to beg at the table isn’t very good table manners. Besides this, it is a really easy way for your dog to gain weight or worse, be fed something they shouldn’t eat by accident.


Bell & Bone vs. the Competition

Bell & Bone
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Why We're Better

Dog Dental Sticks that help your dog and all animals.
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A note from our founder, Arianne:

With the help of my dog Louie, launched my business, Bell & Bone in Melbourne in September 2018 with one goal: to improve the health of our pets through food.

Thank you to this wonderful community for being on this journey with me. Together, we can make the difference we want to see.

Not so fun fact :(

By age 3, 80% of dogs will experience gum or dental disease. Bell & Bone vows to change that statistic with our range of dog dental treats. 

All Bell & Bone our Dental Sticks contain active ingredients to help prevent and reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth. A daily dental stick for your small or large dog will improve their oral hygiene, freshen their breath and help prevent gum or dental disease.

Our Dental Sticks are grain-free, made in Melbourne, Australian-owned, natural and healthy. They are full of superfoods like chia, activated charcoal, seaweed, turmeric, parsley and coconut… making these the healthiest and best-performing dental sticks we’ve ever seen!