Happy Halloween... Trick or dog treat

Halloween is such a great time to celebrate… especially when you have a dog. It means the colder months are finally behind us and the actual day is always full of love, laughter and of course treats! 

Not only do we dress up in crazy costumes and eat a little too much, but there are also some underlying messages and positive outcomes we can take from it all.

3 benefits of Halloween when you have a dog

When we think about Halloween it’s generally all about children in costumes… but what about our fur children? This day can be just as much fun and as beneficial for them! Here are 3 reasons why dogs love Halloween too:

  1. Spoiling our pups with dog treats – treating our dog is a great way to bond with them. They love food and they love when you feed them. Treating our pups shows them how much we care which helps build a connection and strengthen our relationship with our furry children.
  2. Getting dressed up for photoshootstraining our pets to sit for a photoshoot helps with more than just our Instagram profile. Teaching your dog to sit and stay helps with mental stimulation, self-control and a new challenge. So get dressed up and strike a pose! 
  3. Getting active, door knocking for treats – trick or treating can be about more than just the treats. Getting outside and knocking around the neighbourhood is a great way to get your step count up!

Although getting dressed up and taking photos in your costume is fun, we all know Halloween is really about the food. During this holiday we (humans more so than dogs) tend to eat a little bit too much. So if you’re going to overeat, at least let’s add a little bit of health to the mix. So in celebration of this festival we have created a list of all the yummy festive food your pup can eat.

8 best Halloween inspired (orange) healthy foods for your dog

Pumpkin… of course!

Pumpkin is high in fibre which is great for digestive and gut health. There are nutrients in pumpkin that help with weight management and immunity: but make sure not to feed it raw.


    Carrots are a great source of fibre keeping you regular and supporting digestive health. They support cell damage, vision and growth. Did you know dogs can’t fully digest carrots when they’re raw? Feel free to feed them blanched.
      Egg Yolk
        Eggs are great for dogs as they are full of vitamins, minerals and protein. They contain iron, vitamin A and B12, fatty acids and folate. These are great raw over food and are in our healthy Bell and Bone treats!
            Cantaloupe is a great snack that is full of vitamins that help with maintaining good eye sight, preventing cell damage and assisting digestion.
              Sweet Potato
                Sweet potatoes are low in fat and full of nutrients that can assist digestion, strengthen immunity and provide good energy for running around… or Halloween door knocking. Make sure you blanch these as they may upset your tummy if raw.
                    Marigold has amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can assist with cell damage, muscle and joint pain. It can also assist with liver function and immunity.
                        Ginger assists in preventing nausea, bloat which is common in larger dogs, it is an anti-inflammatory which is great for bones and joints, and supports immunity.
                          Bell and Bone – Carob and Ginger Superfood Dog Treats
                            And of course… our orange bag of superfood dog treats that are full of fibre and other nutrients to help aid digestion and assist with gut health. The perfect treat to go trick or treating with this Halloween!

                            Halloween is an amazing time to bond with friends and family, keep active and eat delicious orange food! So enjoy the holiday and stay healthy 

                            Love Arianne
                            October 05, 2019 — Arianne Sackville