Coconut and chia to help your dog shine

When it comes to your pup, its happiness and its health go paw in paw. When we’re fit, healthy, and eating a nutritious diet, we feel the benefits throughout our whole bodies. Our energy and moods are uplifted, our hair is shiny and our skin is glowing.

The same goes for our pups. When they’re fed things like wheat, corn, and cereal (ingredients found in many pet foods), they fill up on unhealthy carbs and sugars that affect them in a similar way as to humans. They’re more likely to suffer from allergies, and itchiness and have dull or dry-looking skin and coats.

A healthy dog equals a happy dog (and owner!), and that’s why at Bell & Bone, we’re about creating nutritious food that your furry friends are guaranteed to not only love but also thrive from.

A natural, healthy diet is where it all starts.

Our Superfood Dog Treats contain vital ingredients that will help your dog shine on the inside and out.

Each ingredient is selected carefully for its health benefits. So, what do we love about these treats?


Does your dog ever scratch or show signs of irritation after eating? Do they have red or flaky skin? Say hello to your pup’s new friend- coconut.

Whether in an oil or flesh form (we use both in our treats!), coconut is a superfood your pup shouldn’t live without!

Why is Coconut a superfood?


The antioxidants and lauric acids found in coconut help to clear up a range of skin conditions including itchiness, eczema, and flea allergies.


The omega-3 fatty acids (nature’s best kind of healthy fat) help to keep your pup’s skin smooth and its coat shiny.


Coconut is a natural immune booster, aiding in the prevention of fungal infections and promoting healing.


This superfood is super for a reason: it is one of nature’s richest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids (even more so than salmon), which is known to improve the immune system, enhance the skin and coat, and aid the brain development and general growth.

Chia seeds are a smart addition to your dog’s diet. The combination of coconut and chia was a no-brainer. Here’s why:

Why is Chia a superfood?


Chia seeds are rich in zinc, which plays an important role in keeping your dog’s skin healthy as well as promoting hair growth.


Chia seeds are rich in antioxidants that limit the production of free radicals which can damage skin cells


These little guys are jam-packed with fibre which is a great way to keep your pup full with the right ingredients. More seeds, less starch is a great way to avoid allergies and itchy skin

Of course, like their humans, every dog is different

Learning to understand their reactions to different foods is just one part of showing them the kind of love that they show you every day. Washing and grooming regularly, lots of couch cuddles, and cheek rubs, are every bit as important to your pup's happiness.

Help them put their best paw forward by incorporating these simple, yet highly beneficial ingredients into their diet. Our Superfood Dog Treats will keep your pup looking healthy, and more importantly feeling happy - whether it’s walk time or not!

Shop our Superfood dog treats with Coconut & Chia

Our superfood dog treats will keep your pup looking healthy and more importantly, feeling happy – whether it's walk time or not!


October 08, 2019 — Arianne Sackville