As our beautiful dogs age, their dental health evolves and requires a little extra care and pampering. As a pet owner it can feel quite daunting knowing what to do when faced with these challenges. In this guide, we'll look at the common dental issues of our older dogs 7 years + experience and how we can maintain a healthy and happy smile through brushing and utilising Bell & Bone’s Senior Dental Sticks

Challenges Faced By Aging Teeth 

Dental Disease

While aging is a natural process, factors such as dental hygiene, diet, and genetic predisposition can contribute to a buildup of plaque and tartar, and can ultimately lead to dental disease. Surprisingly, over 80% of dogs develop dental disease by age three, making it more common than pet owners realise. With most owners only becoming aware of issues before it’s too late, often our senior dogs end up having a lot more problems that require a higher level of care. If left untreated, oral problems can also impact on your dog's overall health, from heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes, which is why it is important to stay on top of your dog’s dental health.

Wear and Tear 

Over the years due to consistent use and diet, wear and tear can also lead to tooth loss. This can often affect your mature dog's comfort, ability to chew, and overall increase in sensitivity. You may notice a change in your dog's eating habits or weight loss as they age and this can sometimes be a sign your mature dog might have sore mouth or teeth.

Stinky Breath & Infections

There’s nothing more unpleasant than a dog with stinky breath caused by dental disease, infections or tooth decay. This is especially unpleasant because it’s usually a sign your dog is experiencing discomfort.

Reduced Saliva

Something you may not know is that some old dogs over time can develop dry mouth due to a reduction in salivary flow. Why is this important? Saliva plays an important role in maintaining oral health by helping to control bacteria. Often dry mouth can mean increased plaque formation which can then result in other oral issues. 

Oral Tumours

Senior dogs can be at risk of developing oral tumors, which can affect the gums, tongue, or other mouth tissues. If you are worried about your dog’s oral health, go see your vet immediately.

The Solution - Prevention is Key

The solution to any problem is to ensure the issues don’t arise in the first place, that’s why prevention is key to your dogs oral health. From when they’re a puppy, through to being a mature dog, your dog’s teeth need the same daily love and care that ours do. Prevention when they’re younger will ensure they’re more comfortable and happy in the later years of their life. 

Doggy Dental Checkups

It’s important to regularly visit your vet for overall health and dental checks every 6 to 12 months. Your vet will be able to detect any mouth or gum issues and infections, and address this early on. 

Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Just like we brush our teeth daily, dog’s need the same care in order for their teeth to stay pearly white and free of plaque and tartar, and prevent dental disease. However, dog’s can be resistant to having their teeth brushed, so it is recommended you start them as young as possible to get them adjusted to a daily brush!  

Daily Dental Sticks 

If your dog is resistant to brushing, dental chews are your next best option! One a day will help stimulate saliva, freshen breath, the abrasion can assist in plaque and tartar removal, while the ingredients that can help with your dog’s overall health. Bell & Bone have vet-approved dental chew options for your puppy, adult dogs and now senior dogs - the perfect solution to every stage in your dog's life! 

Key Features of Our Senior Dental Sticks

Unfortunately in the market there aren’t many options for our mature dogs. Which is why we worked hard to develop the Chicken Senior Dog Dental Stick and Kangaroo Senior Dog Dental Stick, tailored to care and support your old dog’s unique needs.  From softer textures to senior-friendly formulations, our dental chews not only promote oral health but also contribute to the overall well-being of your aging canine companion.

Soft, Yet Effective

As our old dog’s age, their teeth can become more frail and thankfully Bell & Bone Senior Dental sticks are a softer chew tailored to support your dog’s tender teeth without causing discomfort. With added calcium carbonate granules, they have additional grit in an external, non-invasive way, helping to remove that stubborn plaque and tartar build up. The unique 3-pronged shape of the dental stick also means the gentle abrasion can effectively reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

Healthy Ingredients, Many Benefits! 

We didn’t forget beneficial ingredients when it comes to your senior dog! Bell & Bone Kangaroo Senior Dog Dental Sticks and Chicken Senior Dog Dental Sticks were specially made to support your old dog. These ingredients include:

  1. Sodium Tripolysulphate and Zinc Sulphate are ingredients known to prevent and reduce plaque and tartar when given daily.
  2. Turmeric. This natural herb contains properties that can assist in the healing of inflamed gums, joint health and overall immunity. 
  3. Salmon oil. Incredibly important for your dog’s cognitive health, salmon oil is also great for lowering blood pressure, as well as for healthier skin, coat and nails. 
  4. Multivitamin. For immunity and gut health both the Kangaroo and Chicken Senior Dog Dental Sticks contain a multivitamin. 

In addition to three key-ingredients, The Chicken Senior Dog Dental Stick contains ginger, which is amazing for a dog’s digestion. The Kangaroo Senior Dog Dental Stick also contains rosehip for joint health.

Make the switch today!

While our dog’s health does evolve as they age, mature dog dental care doesn't have to be a challenge. While prevention is key through brushing and regular vet checks, we now also have specially formulated dental sticks for old dogs to help with your at-home dental care. Discover for yourself the Senior Dog Dental Chews designed to meet your old dog’s unique dental needs. From softer textures to senior-friendly formulations, we've got your old pup covered. Make the switch to a healthier smile for your senior dog today. For the best results, we recommend giving your dog a dental stick every day combined with a healthy, natural diet and regular tooth brushing.


If you have concerns for your dog’s dental or overall health, we recommend speaking to your vet immediately.

December 13, 2023 — Arianne Sackville