Why dental sticks are an essential daily component of your dogs diet

If you have a puppy who likes to eat anything and everything, you’ve likely had some experience with activated charcoal in the past!

It is typically found at the vet emergency clinic as a safe, natural go to for a quick, easy and effective detox. Activated charcoal is a great way to rid your dog’s body of any toxins which they may have consumed (e.g. your missing sock). Activated charcoal binds to the toxic substance which decreases the risk of your dog suffering from any potentially poisonous substance.

What’s great about it, is that Activated Charcoal can reduce toxins by 80 percent in just 3 hours! Always go to the vet though if your dog does consume something toxic. Therefore, feeding your dog charcoal can be a great way to keep your dog healthy and happy, fighting bacteria naturally.

How does activated charcoal work for your dog?

The ‘activation’ process is complex yet, amazing! To put it simply, it increases the surface area by creating cracks that encourage toxins to bind to the charcoal. This results in the toxins being absorbed which keeps your pup safe from any poisons. Activated charcoal is also a great way to naturally reduce dogs bloating and gas, and it’s easy on their stomach.

Activated Charcoal: Your dog’s natural teeth whitening tool.

Activated charcoal also has some other great health benefits for your dog beyond gut health. It can act as a natural tooth whitening ingredient for dogs, as the activated charcoal binds and absorbs stains on your dog’s teeth. It also acts as a breath freshener for dogs, which makes activated charcoal a perfect ingredient to add to your dog’s teeth cleaning regimen! That’s why we’ve specifically chosen charcoal in our NEW Salmon, Mint & Charcoal Dental stick.The Bell & Bone Salmon, Mint and Charcoal Dental stick will keep your dog’s belly happy, their teeth white, and their breath smelling nice and fresh!

If your dog has bad breath, hates toothbrush time, or gets an upset stomach easily, incorporating charcoal into your dog’s diet is a natural healthy trick you can start today! If you have any questions, feel free to message me!
October 28, 2020 — Emma Fox