Health Benefits of Seaweed for Dogs

Health Benefits of Seaweed for Dogs

Seaweed is a great natural and healthy ingredient you should try incorporating into your pups’ diet!

Seaweed has some amazing health benefits for your dogs, in particular, Ascophyllum nodosum (a type of seaweed), which has been proven to effectively improve your pup's teeth and mouth health!

In 2018, 60 dogs’ oral health was studied, with half given a kibble containing Ascophyllum nodosum for 3 months, and half given a placebo. The results clearly showed, that the dogs who had been eating the Ascophyllum nodosum for 3 months, has significantly less plague and calculus accumulated, than the dogs who hadn’t been consuming Ascophyllum nodosum! To find out more – click the link on the right to read the whole article.

Seaweed is a great way to improve your dog’s oral hygiene, reducing the amount of plaque in your dog’s mouth, which keeps their teeth nice and clean, and your dog’s breath smelling fresh! It’s a great natural way to keep your dog’s mouth clean!

This was one of the key reasons we incorporated seaweed into our new Bell & Bone Chicken, Mint and Seaweed Dental Sticks! As we recommend giving your pup a Bell & Bone Dental Stick daily, they’ll be able to easily get their daily dose of Ascophyllum nodosum!

NOTE: seaweed from the beach can be contaminated with nasties, so keep your pup away from this at the beach. Instead take a Bell & Bone Chicken, Mint and Seaweed Healthy Dental Stick with you to the beach and feed them that instead. It’s a healthy and nutritious alternative for your dog to eat.

I hope you’ve taken away something interesting from this blog. All ingredients in Bell & Bone products are purposeful, and there to optimize your dog’s health. We don’t fill our products with any nasties or anything unnatural! Love Arianne