As a result of social distancing and the #stayhome movement, Australian dog adoption rates have skyrocketed! In the first quarter of this year, Australian pet adoption rates were up 300%, with many breeders forming 2-3 year long wait lists as Australian demand for puppies continues to grow.

So for all new puppy owners, first of all - congratulations!!! Secondly, as you commence intense training stage of this incredible journey, we wanted to help out with a few reasons why you should carefully consider which puppy training treats you choose.

You can take a look at one of our previous blogs, which discuss some ingredients you should try and avoid, and provided some healthier more nutritional alternatives to be looking for when you’re choosing your puppy treats:

Superfood Dog Treats: Why we think they are the best dog treats!

Bell & Bone Superfood Dog Treats are all natural, grain free and human grade, which means they are packed with nutrients with no nasties or fillers, making them the perfect puppy training treat. Each ingredient specifically handpicked by myself, a pet nutritionist and food technologist for the specific nutritional benefits of each ingredient. For further information, head out to ingredients page here (INGREDIENTS) which lists these specific benefits.

Bell & Bone Superfood Dog Treats are the perfect puppy training treats! (And did we mention they are 100% Australian made and owned? Just an added benefit!) Superfoods are nutrient dense foods, which promote overall dog health. When it comes to puppy training, it can take a few attempts to teach your pup a new skill, and therefore you want to make sure you’re positively reinforcing your puppy with nutritional, natural and healthy dog treats.

Each bag comes with over 100 natural dog treats giving owners plenty to work with during the puppy training period! How did we fit over 100 dog treats in each bag? We have ensured that the treats are small in size providing value to owners and ensuring momentum is maintained during training to keep your puppy focused and learning. This is particularly important when puppy training, as puppies have been found to have a short attention span (training should only last about 2 minutes at a time).

Bell & Bone Superfood Dog Treats are the perfect heathy dog treat for training and reward for your new puppy!

June 12, 2020 — Emma Fox