Bell and Bone - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bell & Bone treats suitable for puppies?

Our Superfood Dog Treat Range and Freeze Dried Dog Treat Range are perfect for puppies! However, our Dental Sticks are recommended for dogs over 6 months old.
Our Superfood Dog Treat Range comes with over 100 treats in the bag! They are also small in size which makes them the perfect treat to use for positive reinforcement.
Our Freeze Dried Dog Treat Range are also great with up to 45 treats in a bag which break in half easily, and are still soft.
Both ranges of healthy dog treats and puppy training treats, are full of natural healthy ingredients meaning you can reward your pup without feeling guilty, plus they’re super soft which is great for their little teeth.

Are freeze dried dog treats and raw dog treats the same thing?

Bell and Bone freeze dried dog treats are considered raw dog treats as there is no cooking involved in the process. The process of freeze dried dog food is to bring the raw dog food to a frozen state and remove the moisture content which will remove the bacteria. This is different to dehydrated dog treats as dehydrated dog food is technically cooked and therefore many of the nutrients are lost in the process, potentially up to 65%. Freeze dried dog treats or raw dogs treats are a far better option than dehydrated dog treats in our opinion.

Why are superfood dog treats better than other dog biscuits?

Bell and Bone superfood dog treats are healthier than other dog biscuits because instead of using wheat, corn or other fillers to bind them, they are grain free, filler free and preservative free dog treats. They are 100% natural, made in Australia and full of health benefits. Dog biscuits generally contain salt or sugar as well whereas Bell and Bone contains no salt or sugar in any dog treat product. Bell and Bone aims to provide healthier alternatives to normal dog food products you can find on the shelves.

How many treats should I give my dog each day?

The amount of treats your dog should have each day will vary between each breed, size, age and activity level of the individual dog. Something to note is that Bell and Bone is a treat, it should be fed as a snack not to replace meals. Assuming your dog gets enough exercise and isn't overweight a rough guide is below:

Small Dogs

Superfood dog treats: 3-4 dog treats per day
Freeze Dried raw dog treats: 2-3 treats per day
Dental Sticks: daily for dogs under 10kg

Medium Dogs

Superfood dog treats: 5-6 dog treats per day
Freeze Dried raw dog treats: up to 3 treats per day
Dental Sticks: daily for dogs 10-25kg

Large Dogs

Superfood dog treats: 7-9 dog treats per day
Freeze Dried raw dog treats: up to 4 treats per day
Dental Sticks: daily for dogs 25kg+

Why feed your dog Bell and Bone dog treats?

Bell and Bone dog treats are the best dog treats… they are:
Natural, preservative free, Australian made and healthy grain free dog treats

Are your dog treats made in Australia?

All Bell and Bone dog treats are Australian made. We are an Australian, Melbourne local, small business who supports other Australian businesses. We also want to preserve the quality of our products and produce and therefore choose Australian made dog food every time. You can feel rest assured that your dog's food is maintaining a great quality standard

Looking for dog food free delivery

Yes! All orders greater than $35 will have free shipping automatically added to your cart at checkout.

Which Bell & Bone product has the lowest fat content?

Our Dental Sticks have the lowest fat, with only 1.8% crude fat.
For treats, our Freeze Dried Kangaroo treats are our lowest fat product, containing only 9.4% fat.

Is there any added to sugar to the Bell & Bone products?

No – we don’t add any sugar to our treats, we don’t want to have them filled with any nasties

What is the salt/sodium content in the Bell & Bone products?

All of our products are very low in sodium content and have no added salt! The small traces of sodium in each range are outlined below.

Nutritional information

Product Protein Fat Sodium

Dental Sticks




Superfood Range




Freeze-Dried Range
Chicken, Broccoli & Ginger
Salmon, Carrot & Kale
Kangarro, Spinach & Kelp




Does Bell & Bone have a reward program?

Yes! Bell & Bone have recently launched their Ambassador program, which allows you to earn commission when you refer other people! You’ll be given a 15% discount code which you can share with friends and family, and for every order made using that code, you’ll earn 20% commission which you can store in your account and use on your next purchase. For more information click the button on the right.

Why should I be giving my dog dental sticks?

Bell & Bone Dental sticks were developed with a vet scientist. They contain active ingredients (STPP and Zinc Sulphate) to work together to capture the calcium in the dog’s mouth, in order to prevent and reduce up to 80% of plaque and tartar when given daily.

Why is it important to give dental sticks DAILY?

By the age of 3, 4/5 dogs will have gum or dental disease. Our Dental Sticks help reduce the buildup of gum disease in dogs, promote whole mouth health and give your dog the best chance of optimal health. Our Dental Sticks deter plague, fights tartar, promote healthier gums and are grain free!

Why are Bell & Bone dental sticks in a 3 pronged shape?

This will encourage dogs to get their teeth deep in the stick promoting chewing which will activate the ingredients that help prevent and remove plaque and tartar build up. For more information click the button on the right.

What are the best dog treats for my dog?

Bell and Bone dog treats have a range of health benefits. All dog treats are healthy, natural, grain and preservative free and made in Australia. Besides that, some specific health benefits are...

Skin, coat and allergies

Bell and Bone Superfood Dog treats: Coconut and Chia for beautiful coats
Bell and Bone Freeze Dried raw dog treats: Salmon with Carrot and Kale for an outer glow

Gut health, nausea, bloat, increased fibre

Bell and Bone Superfood dog treats: Carob and Ginger for happier bellies
Bell and Bone Freeze Dried raw dog treats: Chicken with Broccoli and Ginger for inner wellbeing

Joints, arthritis, older dogs, active dogs

Bell and Bone Superfood dog treats: Flaxseed and Turmeric for active dogs
Bell and Bone Freeze Dried Raw dog treats: Kangaroo with Spinach and Kelp for an extra boost

Why are your superfood dog treats high in fat?

Did you know the main ingredient in our Superfood dog treats is coconut oil, which is a fat. But, coconut oil is a good fat that assists with digestion, joint support and skin and coat health including helping to manage allergies. If your dog maintains a healthy and balanced diet with enough regular exercise there is nothing wrong with a big of good fat in their diet.

Why should I buy Bell and Bone Superfood Dog Treats:

Coconut and Chia

Our Superfood Dog Treats: Coconut and Chia are the perfect dog treat for skin and coat health as well as for dogs who are prone to itchy skin or allergies and scratching. As they contain coconut oil, chia and other great ingredients for skin and coat health it is the perfect treat for dogs like Bulldogs, Samoyeds and allergy prone dogs. They are also great for puppy training and rewards and older dogs to keep them looking young.

Carob and Ginger

Our Superfood Dog Treats: Carob and Ginger are the perfect natural dog treat for bellies. Carob contains lots of fibre and ginger is great for nausea and metabolism, making them a great combination for our happier bellies dog treats. They are great for puppies to get them regular and healthy from a young age as well as older dogs where their metabolism may have slowed down. They can be great for breeds that are prone to digestive issues too such as Labradors.

Flaxseed and Turmeric

Our Superfood Dog Treats: Flaxseed and Turmeric are the perfect health dog treat for puppies with growing bones, older and larger dogs who need a little more joint support and active dogs who need some recovery treats. Flaxseed has omega-3 fatty acids for joints and turmeric is the most amazing natural anti-inflammatory. Some breeds that would benefit specifically are Border Collies, Great Danes and any Pointer breed.

Why should I buy Bell and Bone Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats:

Kangaroo with Spinach and Kelp

Our Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats: Kangaroo with Spinach and Kelp were created to give your dog an extra boost. These ingredients contain iron, iodine and an incredible amount of natural vitamins for health and wellbeing. Kangaroo dog treats are naturally lower in fat as kangaroo is such a lean meat. These treats are great for older and more tired dogs, less active dogs and very lucky dogs… they will love them!

Carob and Ginger

Our Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats: Chicken with Broccoli and Ginger were created for your dogs' inner health and wellbeing. Chicken is a great, lean source of protein which gives your dog a good source of energy and keeps them fuller for longer. Broccoli is a great source of fibre which helps with digestion and gut health. Ginger is an amazing superfood that can assist with nausea, bloat and contains a range of nutrients that are great for overall health and being.

Flaxseed and Turmeric

Our Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats: Salmon with Carrot and Kale will help your dog glow. Salmon is full of amazing good fats like omega-3 fatty acids that are great for skin and coat health. We all know that carrots help support eyes and vision and kale is an incredible superfood that contains antioxidants which helps prevent skin damage and vitamin K for wound damage

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