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Love these!

My little 7yo fox terrier x loves these. She was starting to find adult chews too tough and i didnt like the ingredients in alot of other dental chews, they also dont smell bad like alot of chews. These will be in regular rotation from now on.

Big Hit

My little 7yo fox terrier x loves these. She was starting to find adult chews too tough and i didnt like the ingredients in alot of other dental chews. These will be in regular rotation from now on.

A little love back to Bell & Bone

The senior dental sticks have changed my life!! I have a dog 10+ years who has had pongy breath for quite sometime... thanks to these dental sticks, his breath is fresher and his teeth cleaner than ever before.
A friend pout me onto Bell & Bone because I was so worried giving my dog anything as my little terrier has food allergies and suffers with skin irritation, but I am so happy to report, these dental sticks do not bother him. 10/10 Bell & Bone, thank you

Bell and Bone chews

My dogs absolutely love these chews. So far their teeth are nice and white. There only young so hope it keeps them clean

Loki always loves his treats


Our dear old girl loves your dental sticks are they are easier for her to chew.. We will be buying her more.

Maggie loves her dental chews

My senior border collie loves her daily chews. She obviously finds the taste yummy & has not trouble biting through the sticks. :)

Best dental sticks for seniors

My boy absolutely loves these! They are chewy but softer than other dental sticks so he finds it much easier to chew up. They smell so good too!

Now lm sure my older dog would say thankyou if she could speak .These dental treats are softner but with the same great taste and smell. much easier for my older dog to chew and still enjoy all the benefits these dental sticks have to offer.
I cannot thank bell and bone enough for the fantastic Dental chews.

Bought these for the older dog. Must taste great as it doesn't last very long .

My puppies love these treats .They here the packet being opened and come running so excited for their treats tails going 10 to the dozens.

Senior Kangaroo dental sticks

It's fair to say my goldie boy,Hugo who will be 7years next month the dental stick,no crumbs left behind. Thank you Bell &Bone I've been giving him your dental sticks for quite so time love how natural and fresh they are and help with his teeth and breath. This is his first time with the senior I still have plenty of the adult stock left which he loves.

highly recommend

my 12 year old Staffy loves the senior kangaroo sticks, he looks forward to one each night! having a choice between proteins is amazing as he is allergic to chicken so this product is perfect!! dental health is so important and we’re glad to be using Bell & Bone!

Brilliant product!

My two 12 year old fussy whippets go nuts for these plus seems to be the only dental product that doesn’t upset their tummies.


My senior black pug Theo loves the new senior chicken dental sticks. I noticed he finds them easier to chew and more keen to do so. I love how they are made from natural ingredients. Well done Bellandbone team on a top class product for senior dogs.

Kangaroo dental sticks

My 2 girls absolutely love these , they go crazy over them and I love how they are made in Australia with excellent ingredients, thankyou so much.

Senior dental sticks.

Our 9 year old pug Sadie loves her specially formulated senior dental sticks. Thank you for developing them for our precious seniors.

Perfect for my senior cavaliers

The senior dental sticks are great, my older boy used to struggle a bit with chewing the regular sticks , now he can have his nightly dental treaty along with his younger sister without any problems at all. They love them and look out if I’m a bit late giving them to them each night , they remind me very quickly 🥰. Thank you Bell and Bone .

Senior dogs rule

Thank you Bell and Bone for making these senior dental chews. I have an almost 13 year old Shi Tzu who struggles to chew through many other dental chews as she has very small teeth. But these chews are amazing for her, made from natural ingredients, softer texture which makes it easier to chew and a taste that she absolutely loves, always wanting more! And this gives me peace of mind knowing she's getting a healthy dental experience! Love these!

Love these!!

I've been looking something for my old girl for ages!! These are nice and soft and delicious!

Dental sticks

Early days yet but I’m sure they will be great,my boy loves them anyway so that’s a great start

Some ok

Hi one of my dogs refused the fish ones …. Individual preferences yes! However I have a cavalier & have to be very strict with her diet and found the small just too big (I weigh everything so I had to take away food to give these)

Well done on such an amazing product!

Thank you Bell & Bone for creating such an amazing product! We have finally found the perfect dental chew for our nearly 14 year old girl and she LOVES them!

Our old girl loves these!!

Our old (13-year-old) girl absolutely loves the Senior Chicken Dental Sticks! She has very few teeth remaining and we struggled to find anything that was soft enough for her to get through without damaging the remaining teeth as well as containing natural healthy ingredients that were actually benefiting her and not just adding extra calories. Thank you Bell & Bone for creating such an amazing product!

Dental sticks

My 2 dogs just love them. I love that they are an Australian product and great for dental care.