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Very happy

After trying different types of raw bones, which all made my dog sick, I tried her on the dental sticks. Apart from them not making her sick, she loves them. Thank you Bell & Bone.

My dog did not like it . Sorry ☹️

Small Puppy Chewer's Bundle - 4 Pack

Sorry my dog didn’t like them so I gave them to the 2 dogs next door but 1 of their dogs wouldn’t eat them either.

Good product, my partner and I enjoy giving it to our dog, she loves them and they are good for her.

My dog hates them


These collagen sticks seem to have helped my senior lab x staff. He wants to play again in the morning which has been surprisingly great to see

Collagen Sticks - Puppy

My labradoodle puppy absolutely loves these. She ate the whole thing and then was lifting up her bed trying to find more of it. I would highly recommend these. They also smell so tasty, not like plastic! ❤️


The only dental stick on the market that my very fussy Cavoodle will actual eat/chew! I came across these by accident and grabbed a couple and couldn’t believe it when our Cavoodle demolished them! Well done on a great product! And thank goodness I have found your product!

My dogs looove this product... they line up each morning for one.

Pleased with turnaround time on my order

Not happy

I bought a packet of each variety and none of my 3 dogs would eat any of them. I contacted the company and they said I could return any unopened packets for a refund but I decided to stick with it and try my dogs on all 4 varieties but they wouldn't eat any of them. I tried mixing them in with their dinner and putting peanut butter on the but still no go.

Hi Colleen,

We're sorry to hear that your dog didn't enjoy our dental sticks. We appreciate your honest feedback and understand your disappointment. We also understand that every dog's taste can vary, and we thank you for trying multiple flavours.

If you do have some sticks left, we recommend continuing to offer bite-sized pieces to your pup to foster familiarity, and hopefully, they will become more comfortable trying the dental sticks.

Thank you again

Nutritious and delicious!

Bought these for Juno for her 10th birthday and she loved them! I love that there are no hidden nasties.

Loved by my dogs

Both my dogs love these dental sticks. I just wish they could chew them for longer, they literally inhale them!

Collagen sticks adult dog

My senior dog thinks her collagen sticks are just great they smell beautiful, could almost eat them myself. Great to have a healthy dog product.


I have a senior dog who has never had much jaw strength, she was never capable of eating or gnawing bones, so I had a very great problem with dental chews until now. She has one of your chews every day, at first I had to break it into 4 pieces ,then 2 pieces and now she is now eating one every morning. Her teeth are looking a lot better, so thank you so much.

Collagen Sticks for Adult Dogs: Beef and Manuka Honey

Great product my goldie loves his dental sticks and I love how they are not fatty and all natural ingredients

My dog “Lhasa Apso” wouldn’t eat them, even after following all the tips on your website. I gave them to my daughters dog ‘French bulldog’ who loves them

Question not review

12+ male greyhound last August had 17 teeth removed, he still has enough to chew and eat well but I tend to stay away not snacks. Have you had much feedback for greyhounds and their funny jaws, as they are so different in the dental care needs.

Max is obsessed these sticks

I cant praise Bell & Bone's Senior Dental Sticks enough! Our vet recommended we get Max our 7yo golden some of these dental sticks for his dental issues. He's had pretty bad teeth which has been causing bad breath. Since Bell & Bone sticks his breath and teeth have been much better and he seems more comfortable when chewing his usual food. His fave is the kangaroo flabour.

Our Gussy loved them before I opened the packet,stuck his face in the bag and took off to devour in private.😄.
After 3rd or 4th stick hus breath was so much better. Absolutely guarantee I have never had a result like this from previous breath freshening products.
Have ordered from a local Pet Barn who had all other Bell and Bone but not my choice.
Mainly to save the postage (sorry)✌️.

My dog did not like the one for fresh breathe & would not eat it, not keen on the others either

More than a treat for our old pup

My 15 year old pugalier girl has changing tastebuds…trying new tastes and letting go of her old faves has been challenging. However she couldn’t get enough of the B&Bs chicken, mint and ginger!

My girls won’t touch any other dental chews except these ones very happy with this brand and products.

My puppy won’t touch the salmon and carrot ones

Hi Sarah,

We're sorry to hear that your pup hasn't enjoyed our Salmon & Carrot Puppy Dental Chews. We understand every dog's taste can vary and it may take a little while for them to get used to a new texture or flavour in their diet.

We reccomend breaking them down into more bite-sized pieces and offering them in their daily food until they become familiar with the taste.

Thanks so much for your honest feedback!

Best ever

My doggies she loves them all
Especially the chicken and mintc