Bell & Bone Lick Mat - Lilac


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Give your pup the enrichment they deserve with the Bell & Bone Lick Mat in Lilac. Designed to keep your dog entertained for hours, the mat's unique ridges and bumps let them lick and taste different textures and flavours while giving them the mental and physical stimulation they need. Perfect for keeping your pup occupied and healthy.

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Bell & Bone's Promise

Fights Tartar & Plaque

Developed with industry experts, our dental sticks contain science backed active ingredients to prevent and reduce plaque and tartar

Grain & Preservative Free

Unlike other brands that use wheat, soy, cereals, potatoes and fillers to bulk out their products. We use Australian meat and are grain free!

Vet Approved

"Feeding Bell & Bone dental sticks daily is a proven way of preventing dental plaque and calculus" - Dr Kelly Halls, Benton Rd Vet

Fresh breath, Cleaner Teeth!

Unlike other brands, giving 1 Bell & Bone dental stick to your dog daily will result in noticeable improvements to breath and teeth

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A note from our founder, Arianne:

Bell & Bone represents the change I want to make in this world. I want to help give dogs a healthier and happier life through food and I am fortunate to have this business that allows me to do so.

By working with experts to create wonderful products and through our partnership with RSPCA Victoria, I know that each day I am closer to my goal of changing the future of so many dogs' lives.