Dental Treats Bundle - 4 Pack

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Natural Active Ingredients
Vet Approved
Australian Made & Owned

Dental Bundle - 4 Pack 

Kangaroo, Chicken, Lamb & Salmon

  • Vet recommended¬†
  • Grain and filler Free
  • Actives to fight plaque and tartar
  • Unique 3-pronged shape¬†to promote chewing
  • 7 sticks per bag
  • Low in fat, low in calories
The Benefits of Dental Sticks

Giving your dog a healthy dental stick with active ingredients each and every day is a proven way to help reduce the likelihood of them developing dental disease as they age.

Our dental sticks were developed with industry experts, containing active ingredients like Sodium Tripolyphosphate and Zinc Sulphate, known to reduce and prevent plaque and tartar build up.

Will my dog like the taste?

We believe they will! But if they're hesitant at first, here are a couple of suggestions:

Smear their favourite spread in the grooves: such as dog-safe peanut butter or coconut oil

Break them up into smaller, bite-sized pieces: Offer them as a treat or add to their daily food

Some dogs (and specific breeds) can be a bit picky when it comes to new flavours or textures. Give these suggestions a go and let us know the results!

Age guide

Bell & Bone’s Adult Dental Sticks are best suited for dogs aged 6 months and older.

If you're a puppy parent, check out our Puppy Dental Chews which are designed specifically for puppies from 10 weeks of age.

Size guide

Pick the right size dental stick for your dog:

Small: for dogs up to 10kg

Medium: for dogs 10-25kg

Large: for dogs over 25kg

The Problem

Other dental brands often contain starch, salt and sugar which are not only unhealthy, but may also promote dental disease

Our Solution

Our dental sticks are one of the few Australian brands that contain a healthy ingredient list with active ingredients to help fight and reduce plaque and tartar


Bell & Bone vs. the Competition

Bell & Bone
Healthy Ingredients/Grain Free
Low Fat/Low Calories
Australian Made
RSCPA Victoria Donation
Active Ingredients
Made in Melbourne
10c from every purchase
Grains, fillers, no meat, high % salt, unnatural preservatives
Higher in fat and calories
Made overseas
Profit focused, no local community contribution
Like brushing teeth without toothpaste
Why we're better

Bell & Bone's Promise

Fights Tartar & Plaque

Developed with industry experts, our dental sticks contain science backed active ingredients to prevent and reduce plaque and tartar

Grain & Preservative Free

Unlike other brands that use wheat, soy, cereals, potatoes and fillers to bulk out their products. We use Australian meat and are grain free!

Vet Approved

"Feeding Bell & Bone dental sticks daily is a proven way of preventing dental plaque and calculus" - Dr Kelly Halls, Benton Rd Vet

Fresh Breath, Cleaner Teeth!

Unlike other brands, giving 1 Bell & Bone dental stick to your dog daily will result in noticeable improvements to breath and teeth

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Kristen Burton
dental sticks

writing a review is easy business for such a wonderful product.
I made my first purchase this month for my Germ shep after worrying about the state of her teeth. I have bought a pack of four different flavours, my dog goes outside with a skip in her step to clean her teeth. Her teeth are looking cleaner day by day and she loves the taste. A recommended product of good quality.

Fleur S
A Fresh Start

My Border Collie/Huntaway dog is quite young and his teeth are Ok at the moment but I can't give him bones to keep them that way as he always manages to swallow large bits of bone to sick up later! I bought the Bell & Bone dental sticks to take the place of real bones and am giving him the Lamb flavour to start with. He quite likes the taste which is good. I think for a dog who can't be trusted with real bones this is the best alternative. I wish they were a bit harder to crunch up though. He eats them very quickly.

Melissa Rodgers

Millie loves her after dinner dental stick but I've never known her to enjoy a dental stick the way she enjoyed your salmon variety - she continued to lick the mat and pull at the fibres until I finally put a stop to it. The other flavours - chicken, lamb and kangaroo - go down well but the salmon is her favourite.
Love that it's Aussie made, has natural ingredients and it's healthy and, importantly to her, low fat. Thank you.

We donate 10c from every purchase to RSPCA Victoria
Want to get involved?

Our 5 Step Dental Guide

STEP 1: Give 1 stick daily, make sure it is vet recommended, healthy and natural dental sticks with active ingredients (like Bell & Bone)!

STEP 2: Smeer your dog's favourite spread like peanut butter, coconut oil or greek yoghurt in the grooves to give it extra flavour

STEP 3: Place your smeered dental stick in your dog's favourite enrichment toy for a longer lasting chew and more mental stimulation/enrichment

STEP 4: Give your dog its favourite enriched dental stick when you are leaving for the day or as a reward to encourage positive associations

STEP 5: If you are noticing any signs of dental disease, please consult your vet


How do Bell & Bone's dental sticks work?

Dental sticks for dogs are created so that when the dog chews on them, plaque and tartar should be removed from the teeth. There are two ways that this can occur: either from being hard enough to scrape plaque from the surface of the tooth or by activating the ingredients that are scientifically proven to prevent and reduce plaque and tartar buildup. 

When a dental stick is just hard and contains no active ingredients only surface level plaque may be removed. This is definitely not the most effective way of caring for your dog’s oral health.

Most brands of dental sticks unfortunately do not contain active ingredients which may be the reason for high rates of dental disease in dogs. 

Bell & Bone Dental Sticks are one of the few Australian brands that contain active ingredients known to prevent and reduce plaque and tartar. Working with industry experts, Bell & Bone has included Sodium Tripolyphosphate and Zinc Sulphate in their range of dental sticks. These ingredients will activate when your dog chews on their dental stick to provide them with optimal oral care. 

Are dental sticks good for dogs?

Bell & Bone Dental Sticks are quite different to most other brands in the market. Where they often include grains and fillers, preservatives, unnatural colours and flavours, sugar and salt. Our healthy dog treats are made with natural ingredients. Bell & Bone makes sure they have nothing of the sort included in their formula. 

Besides differentiating from other brands by including active ingredients known to prevent and reduce plaque and tartar, Bell & Bone Dental Sticks are also healthy and good for dogs.

They have a protein first ingredient like Kangaroo, Salmon, Chicken, Duck and Lamb and are grain, filler, sugar and nasty free. 

Bell & Bone Dental Sticks also include Mint and Parsley for fresher breath and a range of superfoods with natural oral health benefits for your dog. Manuka Honey acts as an anti-bacterial to help fight gum disease, Activated Charcoal is known to help whiten teeth and freshen breath, Seaweed can prevent and reduce plaque naturally and so on. 

Bell & Bone Dental Sticks¬†are full of natural vitamins and minerals such as protein, magnesium, iron, iodine, and omega-3 fatty acids. Our healthy dog treats come in 3 hypoallergenic flavours for allergies and sensitive tummies ‚ÄstKangaroo,¬†Salmon¬†and¬†Duck.¬†

We recommend reading the ingredient list before choosing your brand of dental sticks. 

Are dental sticks as good as brushing?

We recommend brushing your dog‚Äôs teeth daily as it is still the best thing you can do for yourdog‚Äôs dental health. However, we understand that this is a challenge; therefore,dental sticksare a great replacement. They provide similardental health benefits‚ÄĒ please note that not all dental sticks do this, but Bell & Bone does due to theactive ingredients.

What are Bell & Bone's collagen sticks?

Bell & Bone Collagen Sticks are perfect for all aged and sized dogs and puppies. Collagen makes up 70-90% of a dog’s ligaments, tendons, and muscles however as dogs age this will naturally decline and potentially create joint and muscular issues. 

Bell & Bone Collagen Sticks help maintain greater levels of collagen in your dog’s body to promote healthier joints and reduce the risk of joint and osteo disease such as arthritis. 
Our collagen chews for dogs and puppies are perfect to give from 12 weeks old. With benefits for both puppies and adults, we recommend giving these daily for optimal care.

Are your dog treats all natural?

Yes, these are all natural dog treats.

Here at Bell & Bone, we offer a huge variety of dog treats: Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats & Superfood Dog Treats for superb gut health. We also offer many varieties of Dental Treats and Collagen Sticks which help support healthy joints and helps maintain greater levels of collagen as your dog grows older.

Our Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats come in two drool-worthy flavours your pooch can’t resist: Lamb, Coconut & Manuka Honey, as well as Salmon, Carrot & Flaxseed. Perfect for puppy treats!

These healthy puppy treats are packed with protein, fibre, and antioxidants that are beneficial for your dog’s gut health. Plus, 10c from each bag sold is donated to RSPCA Victoria.

Furthermore, they contain Coconut Oil, to promote healthier skin and a shiner coat and Green Lipped Mussels that support joint health and reduce inflammation.

These healthy treats are then freeze-dried so that not even the slightest bit of nutrition is lost on your beloved pet.

As for our Superfood Dog Treats, they are available in three paw-licking flavours: Coconut & Chia, Carob & Ginger, and Flaxseed & Turmeric.

These Superfood Treats are packed with superfoods rich in nutritious vitamins and minerals that promote heart health, and weight loss, and help your best buddy live a longer, happier life. Our Superfood Treats are a salivating solution to keep your super canine content anytime and anywhere!

Being that we are New Zealand-made and Australian-owned, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give back to the place that inspired it all. 

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